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Our School Story

General Currie Elementary is a school of 21 divisions located in the City Centre area of Richmond, BC. The school is situated on the unceded, ancestral, and traditional territories of hǝn̓q̓ǝmin̓ǝm̓ speaking people. What might stand out to you about our school is our strong sense of community. You will find students and families gathering on our playground until they run out of daylight and there is a strong representation of many different cultures and ethnicities. Some of our families are new to Canada while others have families that have been part of the Richmond community for many generations.

As we reconnect with the purpose of our School Story, we know that this is designed as a framework for enhancing student learning. The past chapter of our School Story helped us develop our heart, our identity, our way of being. We know that the Currie Cares model is a part of who we are. Follow our journey to deepen our understanding and bring this model to life on the Currie Cares page HERE


Our Focus

Focus - Inquiry question: 

How does having a growth mindset support us as learners?

How might we nurture and apply growth mindset strategies in literacy learning experiences? 

Action Statements: 

1) We will create common language about growth mindset in literacy, using curricular competencies as a guide. 

2) We will engage in school-wide learning experiences that grow our understanding of growth mindset and how it connects with the core competencies.

3) We will apply growth mindset strategies in our learning. 

Evidence Statement: 

We know that it's making a difference when students can articulate and demonstrate: 

  • What strategies help me in reading, writing, and communicating when I am stuck?  
  • When and where have we noticed growth mindset?

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