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Our Staff

Name Position Division Grade/Dept. Email
Ms. L Chau Principal
Ms. A Pikkarainen Vice Principal
Ms. E Manese Senior Administrative Assistant
Ms. K Coleman Administrative Assistant
Ms. T Thompson Administrative Assistant
Mr. J Chu Classroom Teacher 1 Gr. 6/7
Ms. C Mei Classroom Teacher 2 Gr. 6/7
Ms. S Shakur Classroom Teacher 3 Gr. 6/7
Mr. S Pooni Classroom Teacher 4 Gr. 6/7
Ms. S Mais Classroom Teacher 5 Gr. 5/6
Mr. W Tam Classroom Teacher 6 Gr. 5/6
Mr. Z Collins Classroom Teacher 7 Gr. 4/5
Mr. R Con Classroom Teacher 8 Gr. 4/5
Ms. A Long Classroom Teacher 9 Gr. 4/5
Ms. K Reade Classroom Teacher 10 Gr. 4
Ms. E Ho Classroom Teacher 11 Gr. 3/4
Ms. D Khare Classroom Teacher 12 Gr. 2/3
Ms. T Cheng Classroom Teacher 13 Gr. 2/3
Ms. J Hartley Classroom Teacher 14 Gr. 2/3
Ms. G Hur Classroom Teacher 15 Gr. 2/3
Ms. H Cormack Classroom Teacher 16 Gr. 1/2
Ms. D Chieu Classroom Teacher 17 Gr. 1
Ms. E Nguyen Classroom Teacher 18 Gr. 1
Ms. A Syed Classroom Teacher 19 Gr. K/1
Ms. M Bayross Classroom Teacher 20 Kindergarten
Ms. S Kawamura Classroom Teacher 21 Kindergarten
Ms. R Boggaram Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. V Baik Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. Z Kujundzic Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. S Lau Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. J Lee Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. J Low Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. A MacPhail Resource/ELL Teacher
Mr. H Mak Resource/ELL Teacher
Mr. P Mason Resource/ELL Teacher
Mrs. M Meraw Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. K Sherlock Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. P Skinner Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. T DeBou Teacher Librarian
Ms. C Jasper Relief Teacher
Ms. A Kihara Band Teacher
Mr. J Aiello Educational Assistant
Mrs. K Fitzpatrick Educational Assistant
Mr. G Macleod Educational Assistant
Mrs. N Macleod Educational Assistant
Mrs. N Mallari Educational Assistant
Ms. J Monteiro Educational Assistant
Ms. L Murray Educational Assistant
Ms. F Nawaz Educational Assistant
Ms. S Sah Educational Assistant
Mr. R Stark Educational Assistant
Ms. K Tezuka Educational Assistant
Ms. M Voronova Educational Assistant
Ms. E Wong Educational Assistant
Ms. K Woo Educational Assistant
Mr. H Delos Santos Custodian
Mr. G Jugpal Custodian
Ms. A Shameian Noon Hour Supervisor
Mr. M Chan Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. N Krishnamurthy Noon Hour Supervisor
Mr. M Akiwenzie Counsellor
Ms. M Bharaj Settlement Worker in School (SWIS)
Ms. A Elshafi Settlement Worker in School (SWIS)
Ms. E Chan School Nurse
Ms. H Kirkham School Psychologist
Ms. J Lee Vision Resource Teacher
Ms. S Magnus Inclusion Support Team
Ms. K Mindess Speech and Language
Mrs. H Roy Hearing Resource Teacher
Ms. N Stogan Aboriginal Success Teacher
Mrs. J Stratton Early Childhood Educator (Early Learning Centre)