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PAC Executive Committee

Parents elect an executive committee to run the P.A.C. once a year during the May meeting.


2023/2024 School Year PAC Executive Committee:

President/Chair Evelyn
Vice-President/Co-Chair Jing
Secretary Jessica
Treasurer (2-year position) Carolyne
Co-Treasurer (2-year position) Tina
Volunteer Coordinator Jennie-lyn
Munch-A-Lunch/Hot Lunch Shannon / Frances
Fundraising Coordinator Susie
RDPA Representative  
Yearbook Coordinator Carolina


Roles and Duties of the PAC Executive Committee:

  • speak on behalf of the PAC
  • consult with Council members
  • preside at PAC and executive meetings
  • ensure that an agenda is prepared and distributed
  • appoint committees where authorized by the PAC or executives
  • support the president
  • assume the duties of the president in the president’s absence or upon request
  • assist the president in the performance of his or her duties
  • accept extra duties as required
  • ensure that members are notified of meetings
  • record, distribute and file minutes of all meetings & destroy all necessary papers at end of school year
  • keep an accurate copy of the constitution and bylaws, and make copies available to members upon request
  • prepare and maintain other documentation as requested by the PAC or executives
  • be a signing officer
  • ensure all funds of the PAC are properly accounted for
  • disburse funds as authorized by the PAC or executives
  • ensure that proper financial records and books of account are maintained and kept in the PAC binder located in the main office
  • report on all raised funds, disbursements and account balances at general and executive meetings
  • support the treasurer
  • assume the duties of the treasurer in the treasurer’s absence or upon request
  • assist the treasurer in the performance of his or her duties
  • accept extra duties as required
  • to find and place parent volunteers into the engagements/activities being put together by the PAC
  • to follow through with all engagements/activities and make sure there’s enough volunteer support on the day of such engagement/activity
  • maintain the Munch-A-Lunch program and place the food orders accordingly
  • coordinate Hot lunch orders with the volunteers for the appointed day
  • place food orders for any engagement/activity that the PAC might be hosting
  • be aware of the budget-not just for singular events, but over a specific time period
  • manage an event by coordinating with the Executive PAC members who are helping to organize & participate in the actual event
  • finding sponsors who are willing to donate their services & or products to the event to help raise money
  • delegate tasks to volunteers involved in the event and making sure the volunteers perform efficiently & productively
  • attend monthly meetings of the RDPA and represent, speak, and vote on behalf of the PAC
  • maintain current registration of the Council
  • report regularly to the PAC and executives on all matters relating to the RDPA
  • seek and give input to the RDPA on behalf of the PAC
  • oversee the overall yearbook process and yearbook committee
  • communication channel between committee, staff, students and yearbook company
  • complete & delegate tasks such as content creation, editing, photography, final review, marketing