Currie Cares for Self and Others - Building Depth and Understanding

Since January staff and students have been going deeper into understanding how they can show Care for Others in our community.  They have had opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations about equity, inclusion and diversity.  Through self reflection students have learned to become more self aware of how their values, language and actions can effect others in our school community.  They are learning that having knowledge is important to making a difference in our community so that all can feel included.   Students engaged in activities that helped them learn about Residential Schools and it's impact negative impact on indigenous peoples in Canada, some classes spent time learning about the racialization of groups of people in our community and how we can become allies for anti-racism.  Some classes also learned about SOGI and inclusive classrooms and schools.  As students gained knowledge they were able to Care for others at a deeper level and create safe spaces for all members of our community.  We continue to look for ways to support our students in creating a positive and inclusive learning environment.

In addition students at Currie have continued to learn Care for Self by learning to how stay calm and solve problems peacefully.  Throughout the year students have developed strategies to identify how they are feeling, recognize why they feel the way they do and then use ways to clam down to solve problems.  In class students have been learning about Zones of Regulation, Mind Up and ACT lessons to build up their tool kit.  This is an area that we will continue to focus on moving into the next school year.

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021