Revisiting our Currie Cares

January 2021

It has been some time since we have had an opportunity to gather and celebrate our Currie Cares language together as a community. Students have continued to learn about our common language in their classrooms through discussions and lessons with their teachers but, as a school, we haven't been able to gather collectively in the gym for family teams activities or with our buddy classes. We found ourselves thinking of ways to connect as a community and we decided that for the remaining months of the school year we would gather via Zoom and revisit our Currie Cares.

With all that has happened we felt we would start back at talking about what it means to Care for Self. We have welcomed new students and new families to our school community and our intention in this activity was to introduce them to our Currie Cares but also proviode an opportunity for everyone in our community to think about the importance of Caring for Ourselves amidst all of the challenges that this pandemic has brought forth.

In this activity, students were asked to reflect upon what it means to Care for Self and were offered an opportunity to share their reflections, along with illustrations, in templates provided by their teacher following our school wide Zoom Assembly. We were curious as to what our students would be able to share and offer through their work.

When looking through the hundreds of student samples that have been displayed throughout our school we can say that our student's still understand the importance of Caring for Self. What is most noticable is that our students are starting to go a little "deeper" with their ideas and are begining to explore the importance of the choices they can make each day in regards to their social / emotional learning. Please look through the samples below and you'll see evidence of the student's awareness of positive affirmation, growth mindset, perseverance, etc.

Next up - for Pink Shirt Week we will be looking in depth at what it means to Care for Others.

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021