A Day to Share as a Staff

This professional development day was an ideal opportunity to spend some time together as a staff and dedicate some more time to reflect upon our Currie Cares language. Our goal for the day was to, as a staff, find ways to connect about the successes that we are seeing in our community and think of ways to learn from one another in regards to what is working in our different classrooms and how we can use the Core Competencies to continue to help guide us through our learning. Some of the questions that helped guide us through our group activities and discussions were as follows:

  • Is our Currie Cares language making a difference for our students? If yes, what evidence is telling us this? If no or sort of, what is missing or needs to be explored?
  • What actions, strategies, and language for showing care do you currently use in your classroom? How do they connect to the Currie Cares model? How do they connect to the core competencies?

To conclude our time together, as a staff we participated in a gallery walk and looked at the some of the responses our grade 6 and grade 7 students provided to the question What does Currie Cares Mean to You? We spent some time debriefing what we felt our students were communicating through their words and ideas and we certainly made sure that we celebrated and acknowledged the progress and growth that they are demonstrating. For more information regarding the responses provided by our students, please see the follow evidence post from our School Story: Student Reflections of Currie Cares

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021