Early Learning Center at Currie

We are excited to announce and welcome the Richmond’s Early Learning Centre (ELC) to General Currie Elementary. The Early Learning Center is located in the portable at the south end of the school.  The Richmond School District offers three types of Early Childhood Education programs at the Currie ELC and is staffed by qualified Early Childhood Educators.  The three programs it offers are:

1) Richmond ELC - This is a Richmond School District Program for pre-school aged children with their parents/care-givers.

2) Together Time - A partnership program offered by Richmond Cares Richmond Gives (RCRG) and the Richmond School District (SD38) for pre-school aged children and their parents/caregivers.

3) CAP-C - A partnership program offered by Touchstone Familiesa and SD 38 for 0-6 year old children with their parents/caregivers who are Chinese speaking.  

To come to one of the programs you will need to book online.  Unfortunately drop ins are not allowed at this time.  For more information please look at teh attached flyer.


We look forward to having children and caregivers return at our General Currie Early Learning Centre.

Updated: Thursday, November 4, 2021