General Currie Elementary School


What We Have Learned About Our Community and Where We are Going

Through whole school activities where students were asked What Makes General Currie Special? we were able to identify many strengths about our learning community. We learned that our students find our staff as an incredibly kind and supportive group who encourage each of them to do their best in their learning. Students also communicated that they feel included in their community by everyone and that their teachers planned engaging and meaningful learning opportunities. Many primary students expressed how happy they were at the many opportunities they were given to play and be active as part of their learning.

As we engaged in more conversations with our staff about our strengths, we also took the opportunity on numerous occasions to connect with our staff about our stretches, or aspects of our community that need to be enhanced or supported.

Staff have observed that many students often experience difficulties with self – regulation, or the ability to control their own behavior or thoughts, especially in challenging social situations, thus interfering with their learning. Patterns had emerged with students becoming easily frustrated with aspects of their social / emotional learning as well as their academic learning. They noted that students were finding it difficult to be resilient in moments where something was challenging and didn’t quite have the strategies and tools to help them work through difficult circumstances.

As a community, we are beginning to look more closely at how we can help all of our students develop better self – regulation strategies with the intention that they become more successful at dealing with challenges that come their way in their learning environment. We have decided to work closely with our students in helping each of them develop a Growth Mindset, a term coined by Dr. Carol Dweck. When students have a Growth Mindset, they understand that abilities and intelligence can be developed. They are more likely to persevere and demonstrate resiliency when things become challenging in their social and academic learning. For more information regarding Growth Mindset, please refer to the following link: Mindset Works.

With the hopes of continuing to learn about the experiences of a wider number of our students, we are continuing to ask the following questions:

  • Can you name two adults in this school who believe you will be a success in life?
  • What are you learning about and why is it important?
  • How are you doing with your learning?
  • Where are you going next with your learning?