General Currie Elementary School


Start Up Information for Students Who are On-Site Learning

Hello Currie Families.


Welcome to September!  


Thank you for taking the time to communicate your preference. This will allow us to plan for the school year to help ensure students are placed into classrooms and we are prepared to provide proper safety guidelines for staff and students.  For those students returning to school in person please read the following information 


For any families still unsure of this decision, we ask that any change in plans be communicated as soon as possible


For your information, students and families will receive an email on Wednesday, September 9th.  In this e-mail, students and families will get information regarding their child’s new classroom teacher, drop off and pick up locations on the school property and their schedule for Thursday September 10th and Friday September 11th.  Students will attend from 8:45 -11:15 or 12:15-2:45 only on September 10th and 11th.  This will provide staff with focused time to ensure that all students understand and can follow safety procedures, while getting acquainted with their new classmates.  It is important for families to know that these classes will not yet be complete as some students have chosen to start the school year with transitional learning and will be able to re-join the class at three pre-arranged times throughout the year.  Full school days will begin on Monday, September 14th.


We apologize in advance for those families with siblings that are not scheduled at the same time on the 10th and 11th of September.  We appreciate your patience as we sort through the very busy start-up of our school year.


To maintain health and safety for staff and students, we have been asked that parents do not enter the building. If you wish to speak to a staff member please contact the office and a scheduled time will be made.  Also, all students will be required to bring a recess snack and lunch to school.  Lunches can’t be dropped and students are unable to go home for lunch due to the risk of outside exposure.  Thank you for your understanding and support in keeping all of us healthy and safe.  More health and safety information will be coming out from the school district shortly.


We are really looking forward to reconnecting with our Currie family and seeing all of our amazing students at some point throughout the year.


Kind Regards,


Mr. Cherry            Mr. Daum


Fri, 2020/09/04 - 10:38am