General Currie Elementary School


Kindergarten Registrations for 2020/2021

Just a reminder to Parents/Guardians to register your children that are starting Kindergarten for 2020/2021, at the Richmond School Board Office. Please see more information below.

Kindergarten Registrations and District Option Programs for 2020-2021
Registrations for Kindergarten for the 2020/21 school year began on November 1st. Children must be born in 2015 and turn 5 years old in 2020 to register for Kindergarten for 2020/21.
Families are strongly encouraged to register during the Priority 1 registration period (November to January 24) for the best chance of attending their catchment school. All registration applications received during the Priority 1 registration period will receive placement decisions on February 7, 2020.
The deadline for registration for District Options Programs (Montessori, Early French Immersion and Late French Immersion) is January 24th.
All registrations for Kindergarten and District Options Programs must take place at the school board office.
Please check the school district website at for more information.






Thu, 2020/01/23 - 1:20pm